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With economical advancement without consideration of sustainable development in Korea, Environment and Health have become the most important agendas of our time. The change of environment has taken place so widely that it has already transcended the environmental justice problem for parts of the society. Nowadays, the whole, not the part of, society is worrying about the magnitude of change, even up to the point of survival itself. Promotion of health will be at stake together with the sustainability of health promotion bases. Management system for environmental health has come to the point of worrying about its sustainability itself.

Korean Society of Environmental Health has started its first meeting in 1970s’ under the title of ‘Korean Society of Environmental Hygiene’, when Korea had to face the needs for the environmental management arising from industrialization. The identity of the Society as well as its title has changed over the years since its historic foundation with the efforts of all members. The focus of the Society has changed from keeping the human space in hygienic states to promoting healthy and diverse ecosystems including humans. Nowadays, the environment is no longer a mere object of management. It has become a precondition for a harmonious life as well as fundamental values that should be kept for the protection of life itself. The Society is now assuming the role of value setters to these directions.

Now at the brink point of sustainability of whole system, as our Society is trying to lay bridges to the road heading for the health of all eco-life and further continuation to the next generation’s life, The Society should share and deepen the following quests of endeavors, thereby to raise our Society’s organizational capacity to higher level.

  1. How can all the measurements and assessments in the field of environmental health accurately describe and reflect the true condition of environmental health?
  2. How can all the discourses and activities in the field of environmental health contribute to the change and solution of the problem?
  3. How can all the people in the field of environmental health share their experiences and exchange the hidden meanings under the purported activities so that new common values of our society can be formulated together?

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