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Korean Society of Environmental Health

Welcome to Korean Society of Environmental Health.

Founded in May 1971 as Korean Society of Environmental Hygiene, Korean Society of Environmental Health(KSEH) changed to its current name in September 2004. Since its foundation more than 50 years ago, KSEH has been the beginning and center of environmental health in Korea.

KSEH was first to introduce the concepts of environmental pollution and health effects in Korea when little attention was given to the field of environmental health. Now, it plays a vital role as an global platform where environmental health experts can academically exchange and acquire up-to-date environmental health information. With the emphasis on environmental policies focused on the receptor (human, environmental, and ecological) since 2000, KSEH has been playing various roles at the center of environmental health in Korea.

The 26th President of Korean Environmental Health Society

Wonho Yang, Daegu Catholic University

In a highly industrialized society, environmental (health) issues are among society’s most pressing concerns as serous new environmental health problems continue to emerge. As a leading academic society in the field of environmental health, KSEH’s role is called for by companies, research institutes, governments, and universities. Our role will become even more important in overcoming COVID-19 and in paving the way forward in the new normal. To this end, KSEH aims to play the following roles:

First, providing various beneficial environmental health information,

Second, publishing excellent journals with high academic value,

Third, contributing to efforts to tackle environmental health issues in our society,

Fourth, creating the era of environmental health certification (Engineer Environmental Risk Managing),

Fifth, leading the international environmental health through our international environmental health network.

We have recently built an academic hall to facilitate academic activities among members and to contribute to the society. In addition, KSEH has been collaborating with government in developing the Second Comprehensive Environmental Health Plan, and also, by providing industries with information and environmental health technologies, maintains a close relationship with the public and our members.

For the past 50 years, KSEH has operated in the spirit of Sangbu-Sangjo, and has led to the solution of environmental health problems in Korea through the blood, sweat, and tears of many scholars. I hope you will also be part of our constant thinking, research, and communication in an effort to solve environmental health problems at home and abroad.


The Korean Society of Environmental Health(KSEH) was founded in May 1971 with the purpose of improving human welfare through environmental health, and more than 1,000 professional members(universities, research institutes, industries, etc.) are playing a pivotal role in the respective area. KSEH has also been very active in research, bimonthly publishing its official journal, ‘Journal of Environmental Health Sciences’ that has been listed in KCI since 2003. In addition to domestic conferences, KSEH has been organizing international conferences and visiting conferences since 2002, as an initiative to call for an international joint effort in protecting global environment and preserving ecosystem, and has made profound achievement in developing research network and promoting collaboration over the years.


  • October

    Maintained of Accredited Journal

  • May

    Hosting the 50th anniversary conference and publication of special issue


  • December

    Publication of 3rd revised edition of Environmental Risk Management


  • July

    Publication of revised edition of Environmental Risk Management


  • October

    Hosted International Conference (ISES/ISEE 2019 AC)

  • March

    Publication of Environmental Risk Management Textbook


  • October

    Selected for excellent articles registered journal in the National Research Foundation of Korea


  • February

    Development of NCS(National Competency Standard) learning module – Risk Management


  • April

    Assignment of ISSN number for the online subscription of the journal (ISSN : 2223-8616)


  • May

    Incorporation – incorporated association Korean Society of Environmental Health

    Establishment of 5 subcommittees

    Publication of Environmental Health Textbook


  • November

    Translation and publication of ‘Minamata Disease’ by Dr. Masazumi Harada


  • February

    Publication of additional issues on Korean/English integrated Korean Journal of Environmental Health Sciences – bimonthly publication


  • April

    Official change of name to Korean Society of Environmental Health (한국환경보건학회)


  • December

    Certified as a accredited journal

  • October

    Initiating of the Fall Joint Conference


  • November

    Issuance of Korean Journal of Environmental Health in English

  • May

    Official change of english name to Korean Society of Environmental Health

    Hosting of biannual international conferences


  • December

    Selected for a Candidate Journal in KCI (ISSN: 1225-5629)


  • February

    Quarterly publication of Korean Journal of Environmental Health


  • February

    First issue of Korean Journal of Environmental Health – biannual publication


  • March

    The inaugural general assembly of Korean Society of Environmental Hygiene


  • May

    Founded as Korean Society of Environmental Hygiene(한국환경위생학회)


Title Name Affiliation
Honorary President Moonshik Zong Seoul National University
Counselor SungHoi Koo Eulji University
Younghwan Kim Korea University
Kyuhwan Na Yonsei University
Moonho Chung Seoul National University
Kookhwan Lim Korea University
Minyoung Kim Dankook University
Domyung Baek Seoul National University
Jinheon Lee Kongju National University
Pangi Kim Yong In University
Kiyoung Lee Seoul National University
President Wonho Yang Daegu Catholic University
Auditor Seungdo Yoo National Institute of Environmental Research
Bongki Jang Soon Chun Hyang University
Vice President Jusung Kang POSCO
Younglim Ko Eulji University
Sungkyun Kim Seoul National University
Sungcheon Kim Kunsan National University
Younghee Kim Hoseo University
Kyunghwan Moon Korea University
Dukshin Park Korea Railroad Research Institute
Dongwook Park Korea National Open University
Seokhwan Park Seowon University
Unseok Baek Seoul National University
Busoon Son Soon Chun Hyang University
Yongseung Shin Seoul Research Institute of Public Health and Environment
Ryeongmi Ahn Dongduk Women's University
Sumi Eo Seokyeong University
Jongtae Lee Korea University
Jonghwa Lee Soon Chun Hyang University
Chaekwan Lee Inje University
Hujang Lee Gyeongsang National University
Kwon Chung Konkuk University
Kyungho Choi Seoul National University
Yong Heo Daegu Catholic University
Vice President, Chairman of the Editorial Committee KyoungMu Lee Korea National Open University
Vice President, Chairman of the Academic Committee Sungcheol Seo Seokyeong University
Vice President, Chairman of the Education Committee Hohyun Kim Seokyeong University
Vice President, Chairman of the Planning Committee Kyunghee Ji Yong In University
Vice President, Chairman of the International Committee Jongdae Lee Soon Chun Hyang University
Vice President, Chairman of the Business Committee HunJoo Lee CHEM.I.NET CO.,LTD.
Vice President, Chairman of the General Committee Jinsung Ra Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
Director of General Affairs Kitae Kim Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Haryong Kim Daegu Catholic University
Yongmin Cho Seokyeong University
Director of Academic Affairs Minkyung Song Korea Natural Resource & Economic Research Institute
Youngkyu Lee Seoul National University
Gilyong Choi Anyang University
Director of Education Jiyoung Park Seoul National University
Junyong Yang Chemtopia Co., Ltd.
Sungjin Yoon Seoul Institute of Technology
Director of Planning Sanghee Park Chemtopia Co., Ltd.
Sangwoo Lee Korea Institute of Toxicology
Seungheon Ham Gachon University
Director of International Affairs Naomichi Yamamoto Seoul National University
Moonjoo Bae Yonsei University
Jongsik Ha Korea Environmental Institute
Director of Business Taewan Kwon ATOMOM KOREA
Myunghee Moon ecomomkorea
Seungyeol Park Kstat Research
Younghoon Song Korea Institute of Intellectual Property Promotion
Donghyun Lee EHS Technology & Consulting
Haejung Lee Gachon University
Director of Editorial MinSung Kang Environmental Health Center, SOON CHUN HYANG UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL CHEONAN
Sunmi Kim Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology
Jeonghoon Kim National Institute of Environmental Research
Jiyeon Si KIST Gangneung Institute of Natural Products
Miyeon Shin Seoul National University
Sangah Shin Chung-Ang University
Seungho Lee Dong-A University College of Medicine
Dawoon Jung Korea Environment Institute
Yunsun Jeong Korea Environment Institute
ManSu Cho Daegu Catholic University
YongSung Cho Seokyeong University
YoonHyeong Choi Korea University
SungHo Hwang Institute of Health and Environment, Seoul National University
Director/Councilor Doosu Kang SENTRY
Giseok Kim Keimyung University
Giyeon Kim Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Baehwan Kim Keimyung University
Sungryul Kim Soon Chun Hyang University
Sooyoung Kim Jeju National University
Seungwon Kim Gyeonggi Environmentla Energy Agency
Seungwon Kim Keimyung University
Ok Kim Chungnam Research Institute of Public Health and Environment
Jeong Kim EiLab
Junggon Kim National Institute of Chemical Safety
Jungsoo Kim Institute for Environmental Safety and Health
Junghyun Kim Jeju Tourism University
Jonggyu Kim Keimyung University
Jinhee Kim Sejong University
Changyeol Kim Daegu Catholic University
Insik Nam LG Electronics
Chanseok Moon Catholic University of Pusan
Kyunghwa Park National Institute of Environmental Research
Chunghee Park Korea Environmental Institute
Heekyung Bae TO21
Jungkwan Seo National Institute of Environmental Research
Jinho Shin Seoul Local Autonomy Administration Bureau
Heejoon Shin Safety Assessment Solution Co., Ltd.
Hyeran Yang Seoul Research Institute of Public Health and Environment
Byungyeol Woo Eighth United States Army
Byungjoon Yoon Korea National Open University
Sungwon Yoon Seokyeong University
Chungsik Yoon Seoul National University
Gunwoo Lee Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute
Kyungho Lee National Institute of Health
Mokyong Lee Seoul Research Institute of Pubic Health and Environment
Sangyoon Lee People Power Party
Sangdong Lee Sangji University
Jeongil Lee KTR
Jonghyun Lee EH R&C
Cheolmin Lee Seokyeong University
Hyesook Lee Jeju National University
Sungguk Lim Korean Industrial Health Association
Hoseop Lim SMARTiVE
Hojoo Lim Ministry of Environment
Snagil Jeon Korea Institute of Environment and Health
Hyungjin Jeon Korea Environmental Institute
Hyoji Jeong Seoul National University Graduate School of Public Health
Wondeuk Cho NCL
Junho Jo Hanyang Women's University
Heunwoo Cho aircok
Seunghwan Hong Yonsei University
Youngseoub Hong Dong-A University
Jiyeon Hong KNA Inc.

Journal of Environmental Health Sciences

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